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Meet Kriss

“I wanted natural, non toxic products that all of my senses connected too. I not only wanted to see results, I wanted to be able to feel the results. I needed my skin care routine to be an enjoyable, self love experience for me.” – Kriss

What inspired you to start your own skin care line?

The short version… I was inspired and moved by the power of plants and how they were healing me when pharmaceuticals could not.

“I have worked over 20 years in the medical field and yet I had to learn to heal myself naturally.” – Kriss

The longer version…

Over 15 years ago I was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease. It took years to be diagnosed and has taken years of self discovery and lifestyle changes to be able to heal myself naturally. I was tired of doctors pushing medicine on me for my symptoms instead of learning how to treat the root problem. So I set out on a self healing journey… a journey of a more holistic approach. I discovered ingredients that were making me sick that I was putting in my body and on my body. With removing toxins I started my healing process.

On this path of self healing I learned to eat clean. I removed processed foods from my diet, I removed certain ingredients from my diet (dairy, gluten and a list of more…), and I started drinking A LOT more water and only eating whole organic foods.

“When looking for natural products, I couldn’t find any products that did not have over powering scents or gave me the results and enjoyment I was looking for.” – Kriss

When it came to what I put on my body, I wanted to remove dangerous synthetic ingredients, chemicals and endocrine disruptors. With years of learning, researching, trying and examining, I was not happy with the natural products that were out there. I wanted natural, non toxic products that all of my senses connected too. I not only wanted to see results, I wanted to be able to feel the results. I needed my skin care routine to be an enjoyable, self love experience for me. I set out to learn everything I could on holistic health practices, herbalism, the therapeutic value of essential oils, plants and flowers and how it all pertained to healing your body and taking care of your skin. I took online study courses on botanicals, herbalism, esthetician and skin care formulation. I started formulating and making my own skin care for myself and my daughter. With years of loving the products I had created, I slowing started sharing these precious products with family and friends. The results I was seeing and the love I was hearing from those using what I made from my loving hands sparked something inside of me. I wanted to share my years of study, knowledge and my passion for natural botanical ingredients with everyone.

"Tuore stems from passion and purpose in nurturing your body, mind and spirit as well as delivering products that produce results you can see and feel." - Kriss

What is your intent and future for Tuore?

To continue to create and formulate natural skin care products in loving and intimate small batches, to ensure quality and optimal freshness. To keep setting the standard high when it comes to clean, fresh, active and results driven ingredients and products. Every ingredient used has a specific purpose and delivers targeted results. Tuore’s formulas are not full of 50+ ingredients with only a tiny portion of each. We include minimal necessary ingredients that target an issue or concern, that will benefit the skin, which allows for a higher ratio of each ingredient in our products.

Tuore will continue to develop unparalleled luxurious skin care. And we have some exciting new products coming soon!

How would you explain Tuore in a few sentences?

Tuore is inspired and guided by the natural benefits of infused plant and floral botanicals. We combine gentle and nutrient rich ingredients from plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, seeds and nuts that work together to create beautiful, rich luscious products that are deeply nourishing, healing and protecting for healthy radiant skin.

What is your current skin care regimen?

I will start by saying, what you put in your body will show on your skin the next day. So I take care of my skin by drinking a lot of water! You need to cleanse your body from the inside out. I also eat whole organic foods and never anything processed. I enjoy eating clean.

“If you do not take care of what you are putting inside of your body, you can’t take proper care of the outside. You can’t heal acne with skin care alone. If you are eating junk and not getting enough fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of water, you will not heal your skin. Heal from within.” – Kriss 


Taking care of your skin is a commitment and should be enjoyable. Always set time aside in the morning and at night for your skin care regimen. It is one way you can indulge in self love and care.

  1. I do not like to overly cleanse my face in the morning as it is important to not strip all of your natural oils and leave them as a protective barrier. I usually just rinse my face with water in the morning in the shower and lightly rub with a wet warm washcloth to remove dead skin cells. I’ve already cleansed my face the night before.
  2. I spray our Gentle Rose Facial Toner on an organic cotton round and wipe around my face and neck.
  3. While my face is damp from the floral water I will lightly pat Youth Dew Glow facial oil all over my face, neck and chest. I will let that sink in and do its magic for a minute or two.
  4. I follow up with a moisturizer. I use a cream from another skin care line as we do not currently offer products with sunscreen. I rotate between two different creams depending on how sensitive my skin is feeling at the given time. They both contain a natural sunscreen.
  5. I will then apply my makeup. If my face is feeling or looking dry or dull I will apply Youth Dew Glow facial oil to areas I want to add a glow too… like my upper cheek area. I don’t rub the oil in, I just add the botanical oil to a fingertip, rub it together with another fingertip and dab onto the location of my face I’m wanting it. I do this on top of my makeup for a fresh look.

“Always apply your sunscreen as your last step in the morning. Sunscreen sits on top of your skin, so if you apply it first, it prevents your other products from penetrating the skins surface.” – Kriss

“Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, oil (to add radiance), and sunscreen. Your moisturizer will seal your serum on your skin making them more effective. However, if your skin is sensitive and feeling irritated, I would apply the moisturizer before the serum, as the cream will reduce the potency of the serum, which will be less likely to cause any irritation.” – Kriss


  1. I wash my face every night no matter how tired I am. Never go to bed with a dirty face! I wash my eye makeup off and break up the foundation on my face (if I’m wearing any) with our Soothing Cleansing Oil. I rinse my face with warm water then emulsify a small amount of the oil in my hands and gently massage into my face and around the eye area. I will splash warm water on my face and massage the oil a bit more to break up all the makeup. Then gently rub it off with a wet warm washcloth or organic cotton rounds.
  2. I then wash my face with our Coconut Cleansing Powder to make sure all the makeup and bacteria is off my face. This adds a gentle exfoliation to help get rid of dead skin cells. Leaving your face soft and radiant. I pour a little of the powder out in my hand then add a few drops of water and mix it together. I gently massage the creamy cleanser onto my face in upward circular motions staying away from my eye area. Then rinse with warm water. She truly keeps my skin looking fresh.
  3. I spray our Gentle Rose Facial Toner on an organic cotton round and wipe around my face and neck to make sure all makeup and dirt has been washed from my face. I also softly wipe my eyelash line to remove any remaining mascara.
  4. While my face is damp I will lightly apply Radiance Nectar Serum all over my face. I only use a few drops. I will let that sink in and do its magic for a minute or two.
  5. If my face is feeling dry I will apply either Healing Marigold Balm or Luscious Petal Balm (both coming soon). Otherwise I skip this step and just use facial oil.
  6. My last step is to apply Sleeping Beauty Facial Oil. I gently pat the oil around my face, neck and chest. If my face is feeling irritated and inflamed I will use Calm & Soothe Facial Oil instead.

“Don’t forget to take care of the rest of your body. Apply sunscreen during the day and always keep your skin moisturized. I like to use our California Citrus Body Oil. I basically apply it all over my body daily. And any remaining oil on my hands I rub into the ends of my hair” – Kriss

 Luxurious skin care high in phytonutrients • Results driven botanicals, luscious fruits & flowers • Crafted in California

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